8th Medinterna International Meeting - “Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Revisited”

20th, 21st, 22nd And 23rd January 2010
Ipanema Park Hotel, Porto


Secretariat opening

Opening Lecture

Internal Medicine and autoimmune systemic diseases

by Miquel Villardel Tarrés (Barcelona, Spain)
Chairman Luís Campos (Lisbon, Portugal)

Round table

Systemic sclerosis

Sponsored by Actelion”
Chairs Júlio Sanchez-Roman (Sevilla, Spain) and Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal)
Clinical forms and classification Gabriele Valentini (Naples, Italy)
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Diagnostic strategy and management – Y. Allanore (Paris, France)
The treatment of SSC — Where are we now? Isabel Almeida (Porto, Portugal)


Case report

46 years old man with polyarthralgias and Raynaud’s phenomenon

Chairman Odete Miranda (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
Case Report Rosário Santos Silva (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
Discussion Paula Ferreira (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal), Anabela Morais (Vila Real, Portugal) and Cristina Sequeira (Guarda, Portugal)


Pulmonary Hypertension : National overview

Sponsored by Actelion”
by Abílio Reis (Porto, Portugal)
Chairman Julio Sanchez-Roman (Sevilla, Spain)

What did we learn?

First Meeting Pearls by Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal)



08h30: Secretariat opening

09h00: Lecture

The mosaic of Autoimmunity; Everything is infectious until proven otherwise
by Yehuda Shoenfeld (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Chairman – Paulo Bettencourt (Porto, Portugal)

9h30: Opening Ceremony
Chairman – António Lobo Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)
Hommage to Borges Alexandrino (Coimbra, Portugal)

10h15: Coffee-break

10h45: Round table

Revisiting SLE trials * Sponsored by Roche *
Chair – Maria Leandro (London, UK)
– Rituximab in lupus nephritis — David Jayne (London, UK)
– Anti-TNF in lupus nephritis — Martin Aringer (Dresden, Germany)
– Can we explain why recent clinical trials in SLE have failed? - David D´Cruz (London, UK)

12h00: EASI Portugal
by Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

12h30: Face to face

B-Cell targeted therapies for Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
Chairman – Carlos Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)
– Yes – Manel Ramos-Casals – (Barcelona, Spain)
– No – Albert Selva O´Callaghan – (Barcelona, Spain)

13h00: What did we learn?
First morning pearls by Carlos Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

13h10: Lunch * Sponsored by Schering Plough *

14h30: lecture

Autoimmune diseases diagnosis. Can we facilitate a more rational ordering process and use of autoantibodies?
by Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)
Chairman – João Eurico da Fonseca (Lisbon, Portugal)

15h00: Round table

Sjögren’s Syndrome
Chairman – Manel Ramos-Casals (Barcelona, Spain)
– Hepatitis C virus infection and Sjögren’s syndrome: causal or casual association? – Pilar Brito-Zéron – (Barcelona, Spain)
– Extraglandular manifestations – Jorge Fortuna (Coimbra, Portugal)
– New therapeutic agents for Sjogren syndrome – Athanasios Tzioufas (Athens, Greece)

16h15: Lecture

Sarcoidosis – What´s old and new in the diagnosis and management?
by Athol Wells (London, England)
Chairman – António Morais (Porto, Portugal)

16h45: Coffee-break

17h15: Lecture

Clinical features of vascular disease in SLE
by Silvia Bucciarelli (Barcelona, Spain)
Chairman: Carlos Vasconcelos (Porto, Portugal)

17h45: Face to face

ANA+: What does it mean and what to do?
Chair – Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)
– For clinician – Lúcio Pallarés Ferreres (Palm of Maiorca, Spain)
– For immunologist – João Pedro Ramos (Porto, Portugal)

18h15: Case report

47 years old woman with dyspnea and generalized aedemas
Chairman – Gerard Espinosa (Barcelona, Spain)
Case report: Miguel Angel Plasín (Barcelona, Spain)
Discussion: Antonio Chamorro (Verin, Spain), Nuno Riso (Lisbon, Portugal) and Juan Garcia (Braga, Portugal)

19h00: What did we learn?
First afternoon pearls by Jorge Crespo (Coimbra, Portugal)

19h10: End


9h00: Lecture

Is there a role for anticoagulation in atypical manifestations of APS eg headache, cognitive disfunction or hypertension?
by Graham Hughes (London, England)
Chairman – Ricard Cervera (Barcelona, Spain)

9h30: Round table

SLE/APS and pregnancy
Chairman – Munther Khamashta (London, England)
SLE and pregnancy – Guillermo Ruiz Irastorza (Vizcaya, Spain)
– Obstetrician´s problems – Mariana Guimarães (Porto, Portugal)
– Analysis of a series of fetal loss – Helena Silva (Porto, Portugal)

10h30: Coffee-break

11h00: EASI Portugal
by Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

11h20: Case report

Young-woman with Raynaud phenomenon, digital ulcers and pulmonary hypertension
Chair – Paula Marques (Porto, Portugal)
Case report – Carla Dias (Porto, Portugal)
Discussion: Maria José Serra (Lisbon, Portugal), Deolinda Portelinha (Coimbra, Portugal) and Fátima Farinha (Porto, Portugal)

12h00: Lecture

Prevention of accelerated atherosclerosis in SLE and APS patients using statin – yes or no? * Sponsored by AstraZeneca *
by José Paulo Araújo (Porto, Portugal)
Chairman – José Delgado Alves (Lisbon, Portugal)

12h30: Lecture

Severe infections in immunocompromised patients *Sponsored by AstraZeneca*
Chair – Ana Rita Lima (Lisbon, Portugal)
by Carlos Martins (Lisbon, Portugal) and João Gonçalves Pereira (Lisbon, Portugal)

13h00: What did we learn?
Second morning pearls – José Delgado Alves (Lisbon, Portugal)

13h10: Lunch * Sponsored by Schering Plough *

14h30: Lecture

Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis: how to manage it? *Sponsored by Novartis *
by Mónica Bogas (Ponte de Lima, Portugal)
Chairman – Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

15h00: Round table

ANCA Vasculitis
Chairman – David D´Cruz (London, England)
– Clinical and diagnostic problems of ANCA Vasculitis – Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal)
– Maintenance therapy and the role of ANCA in monitoring Vasculitis — Cohen Tervaert (Maastricht, Netherlands)
– New and old drugs in the treatment of ANCA Vasculitis – David D´Cruz (London, England)

16h15: Coffee-break

16h45: Lecture

Translation from bench to bedside of circadian rhythms of nocturnal hormones
by Maurizio Cutolo (Génova, Italy)
Chairman – Walter Osswald (Porto, Portugal)

17h15: Lecture

Imunosenescence and its impact on vaccination in the elderly *Sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur MSD*
by Birgit Weinberger (Innsbruck, Austria)
Chairman — Manuel Teixeira Veríssimo (Coimbra, Portugal)

17h45: Case report

Polyadenopathies, fever and pancytopenia
Chairman - Bernardo Sopeña (Vigo, Spain)
Case Report – Maria Teresa Pérez-Rodríguez (Vigo, Spain)
Discussion: Alexandrina Quintino (Lisbon, Portugal), Joana Vedes (Guarda, Portugal) and Glória Alves (Guimarães, Portugal)

18h30: What did we learn?
Second afternoon pearls by Marilda Santos (Porto, Portugal)

18h40: End


9h00: Lecture

Pathogenesis of aPL-associated fetal loss
by Pier Luigi Meroni (Milan, Italy)
Chairman – Ricard Cervera (Barcelona, Spain)

9h30: Round table

Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of aPL — associated fetal loss
Chairman — Pier Luigi Meroni (Milan, Italy)
– Gold standard therapy — Ron Derksen (Utrecht, Netherlands)
– Cases resistant to standard therapies — Munther Khamashta (London, England)
– Controversial aspects of the antiphospholipid syndrome pregnancies — Angela Tincani (Brescia, Italy)

10h45: Coffee-break

11h15: Lecture

Primary thromboprophylaxis in APS?
by Guillermo Ruiz-Irastorza (Viscaya, Spain)
Chairman: Gil Aguado (Madrid, Spain)

11h45: Case report

Woman with fetal loss
Chairman — Pier Luigi Meroni (Milan, Italy)
Case report – Maria Gerosa (Milan, Italy)
Discussion – Ricard Cervera (Barcelona, Spain), Mariana Guimarães (Porto, Portugal) and Ron Derksen (Utrecht, Netherlands)

12h30: Closure lecture

APS with moderate/severe Thrombocytopenia – a therapeutic challenge.
by Munther Khamashta (London, England)
Chairman – Manuel Campos (Porto, Portugal)

13h00: What did we learn?
Chairman – Ricardo Fernandez Rodriguez (Ourense, Spain)
Meeting pearls by Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

13h15: Final lunch * Sponsored by Schering Plough*

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