9th Medinterna International Meeting
Hospital São João

“Pearls in connective autoimmune diseases”

26 — 29 Janeiro 2011 | Ipanema Park Hotel, Porto

Yehuda Shoenfeld

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is the head of the Department of Medicine since 1984 (age 36) at the largest hospital in Israel– the Sheba Medical Center, which is affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University, in which Dr. Shoenfeld is the Incumbent of the Laura Schwarz-Kipp Chair for Research of Autoimmune Diseases. He has founded and is heading the Center for Autoimmune Diseases since 1984. His clinical and scientific works focus on autoimmune /rheumatic diseases, and he has published more than 1200 papers in journals such as New Eng J Med, Lancet, Proc Nat Acad Scie, J Clin Invest, J Immunol, Blood, J Exp Med, Circulation, Cancer and others. He has authored and edited 10 books, some of which became cornerstones in science and clinical practice, such as “The Mosaic of Autoimmunity”, “Infections and Autoimmunity” and the textbook “Autoantibodies” all of which were published by Elsevier and sold by the thousands. He is on the editorial board of 43 journals in the field of rheumatology, and autoimmunity and is the founder and the Editor of the IMAJ (Israel Medical Association Journal, 1997) the representative journal of science and medicine in the English language in Israel and also is the founder and Editor of the Autoimmunity Reviews (Elsevier, 2001). He has written more than one hundred chapters in books.

Dr. Shoenfeld is the member of the Israel Association of Allergy and Clinical Immuology and served as the president of the society in the years 2000 – 2002.

Dr. Shoenfeld is an attractive lecturer and is invited all over the world to deliver plenary lectures and also has been a visiting professor to many institutions all over the globe.

Scientific contributions: Dr Shoenfeld has started the field of Human monoclonal autoantibodies in the year 1980 generating the first human monoclonal anti-DNA autoantibodies (JCI 1982.NEJM ‚1983). The availability of these human Mabs enabled the extension of the field to the analysis of the pathogenic idiotypes and specifically of the 16/6 idiotype of anti-DNA antibodies(J Exp Med 1983). More than 100 papers were reported on this interesting idiotype. One of his major contributions to the field of autoimmunity and rheumatology was the induction of experimental models of SLE upon idiotypic immunization (Proc Nat Acad Scie 1988), a field which was extended later on to anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS), vasculitis, Goodpasture’s and thyroiditis. These models led to the theory of the Autoantibody Spread (The Immunologist 2000) to explain the existence of so many and diverse autoantibodies in systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases, despite restriction to the disease. The work on idiotypes was summarized in the books: Idiotypes in Autoimmunity and Cancer and Infection (co-edited by him and E. Gershwin), and in the textbook of Autoantibodies (with J. Peter).

Dr. Shoenfeld’s group was the first to show the pathogenic role of the antiphospholipid antibodies (Proc Nat Acad Scie 1991).Their model of experimental APS is in use worldwide and is employed to study pathogenic mechanisms as well as new therapeutic modalities in this syndrome. Their studies were summarized in the books co-edited by him on the Antiphospholipid Syndrome (CRC press 1998, Elsevier 2002).

Dr. Shoenfeld was the first to show the immunogenicity of β2GPI and the ability to induce APS upon active immunization of mice with this cofactor. Employing the phage library display technique, 3 peptides residing on the B2GPI molecule were detected, showing their preventive capacity in this syndrome (Proc Nat Acad Scie 1999). Additional remarkable novel therapeutic suggestions in APS were reported by his group and entail interleukin-3 (JCI 1993), oral tolerance with β2GPI (J Immunol 1999) and others. Dr. Shoenfeld also expanded our knowledge on bone marrow transplantation for autoimmunity and its potential ability to transfer autoimmune conditions.

Recently, Dr Shoenfeld became a pioneer and a leader in the new field of atherosclerosis as an autoimmune disease, confirming the ability of HSP65 and B2GPI to induce the disease in animal models and oxLDL to prevent it, and many of his contributions were recently reported in several issues of Circulation (1998– 2000). He provided the ultimate evidence for autoimmunity in atherosclerosis by passive transfer of the disease with lymphocytes to naive animals (Circulation 2000, Trends in Immunol 2001, J Am Coll Card 2001 and 2002). Several of his reports relate to the pathogenic role of anti-endothelial antibodies (AECA) (Arthritis & Rheum 2001) and ANCA showing their potential to induce vasculitic lesions in animal models His clinical experience has been devoted to the employment of IVIG for the treatment of many autoimmune disease (Lupus 1999 – 2000). He reported on the ability of IVIG to prevent metastatic spread (Int Immunol 1999) and carries out the clinical studies in this area (Cancer 2002).

Additional fields in which Dr Shoenfeld had an imprints on include the aspects of Vaccination induced autoimmune diseases (J Autoimmunity 2000) and the bi-directional relationship between cancer and autoimmunity (summarized in the book: Cancer and Autoimmunity (Elsevier, 2000). Theories which are referred to Dr. Shoenfeld entail: the Mosaic of Autoimmunity, the Kaleidoscope of Autoimmunity, and the Autoantibody Spread. His scientific works were cited in the literature more than 10,000 times (Citation Index).

Dr. Shoenfeld has organized several remarkable international meetings including The 4th international congress of SLE in Jerusalem(1995), The 2nd international congress of Autoimmunity in Tel-Aviv (1999), The meeting on the Immune system and Atherosclerosis Conference in Geneva (Switzerland) 2001, The 3rd International Congress of Autoimmunity, Geneva, February 2002, The 10th International Congress on Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome, Sicily, October 2002, The 4th International Congress of Autoimmunity, Budapest, October 2004, Singapore International Scientific Meeting on Arthritis & Rheumatology, November 2004, Vaccination, Infection and Autoimmunity: Myth and Reality – VIAMR 2005, October 2005, Lausanne (Switzerland), 2nd Asian Autoimmunity meeting Hong-Kong, March 2006, and 2nd Latino-American Congress of Autoimmunity, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2006.

Dr. Shoenfeld received the Carol Nachman Award for Rheumatology 2004 for outstanding innovative research work in the field of clinical and experimental rheumatology.

Dr. Shoenfeld received in Vienna, Austria, the EULAR prize 2005: “The infectious etiology of anti-phospholipid syndrome”.

Recently he has received a gold medal from the Slovak Society of Physicians for his contribution to Israel – Slovakia collaboration (March 2006).

Dr. Shoenfeld has educated a long list of students being heads of departments and institutes.

In the last year Dr. Shoenfeld edited the Israeli Medical Encyclopedia, 10 volumes edition, written by 1200 physicians.

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