9th Medinterna International Meeting
Hospital de S. João

Pearls in connective autoimmune diseases”

26 — 29.01.2011 | Ipanema Park Hotel, Porto

26th January, Wednesday

14h30 Opening Lecture
Chairman – João Pedro Ramos (Porto, Portugal)

How to request and to value ANAs?

Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)

15h00 Round Table *Sponsored by Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD*

Immunity and the aging

Chairman – Manuel Teixeira Veríssimo (Coimbra, Portugal)

Immunosenescence and its influence on disease courses

Manuel Santos Rosa (Coimbra, Portugal)

Vaccination recommendations in the elderly

Jean-Pierre Michel (Genève, Switzerland)

New advances in vaccination for the elderly: shingles vaccines

Robert Jonhson (Bristol, England)

16h15 Lecture
Chairman – Iva Brito (Porto, Portugal)

Cytokines, Bone and Biomechanics

João Eurico da Fonseca (Lisbon, Portugal)

16h45 Coffee-break

17h15 Lecture *Sponsored by Anagene-Euroimmun*
Chairman – Ruth Geraldes (Lisbon, Portugal)

Novel Antigenic Targets in Autoimmune Encephalitis

Klaus-Peter Wandinger (Lubeck, Germany)

17h45 Case Report

A complex Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical case

Chair – Patrícia Pinto (V. N. Gaia, Portugal)
Case Report – Pedro Gil (V. N. Gaia, Portugal)
Discussion – José Alves Moura (Coimbra, Portugal), Maria José Santos (Barreiro, Portugal), Maria Augusta Pereira (Faro, Portugal)

18h15 Face to Face

Behçet´s disease

Chair – Fátima Farinha (Porto, Portugal)

Severe Behçet´s disease management

Jorge Crespo (Coimbra, Portugal)

New concepts in Behçet´s disease

Hasan Yazici (Istanbul, Turkey)

19h00 What did we learn?
First meeting pearls – Edite Pereira (Porto, Portugal)

19h05 Closure

27th January, Thursday

08h30 Secretariat opening

09h00 Lecture
Chairman – Jorge Martins (Funchal, Portugal)

The mechanisms leading to immunological alterations and autoimmunity

Eric Gershwin (California, USA)

09h30 Lecture
Chairman – Paulo Bettencourt (Porto, Portugal)

The human adjuvant disease – a new syndrome: infection, vaccination, silicone and autoimmunity

Yehuda Shoenfeld (Tel Aviv, Israel)

10h00 Opening Ceremony
Chairman – António Lobo Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)

Homage to Yehuda Shoenfeld

10h45 Coffee-break

11h15 Round Table *Sponsored by Actelion*

Systemic sclerosis

Chairs – Vicent Fonollosa Pla (Barcelona, Spain) and Isabel Almeida (Porto, Portugal)

Antinuclear antibodies in systemic sclerosis: clinical and prognostic profiles

Carmen Pilar Simeón (Barcelona, Spain)

Capilaroscopy: useful in systemic sclerosis

Vicent Fonollosa Pla (Barcelona, Spain)

Systemic sclerosis therapy: a general overview

Norberto Ortego (Granada, Spain)

12h30 Lecture *Sponsored by Roche*
Chairman – Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

Tocilizumab: New insights towards remission in RA

Eugen Feist (Berlin, Germany)

13h00 What did we learn?
First morning pearls – Sérgio Silva (Porto, Portugal)

13h05 Lunch

14h30 Face to face *Sponsored by Actelion*

Pulmonary interstitium pathology

Chairman – Carlos Robalo Cordeiro (Coimbra, Portugal)

Interstitial Idiopathic Pneumonitis

António Morais (Porto, Portugal)

Interstitial pneumonitis in the connective tissue diseases

Athol Wells (London, England)

15h10 Round Table *Sponsored by Bristol-Myers-Squibb*

Treating RA with Abatacept: Start earlier. Stay longer. Towards a normal life!

Chairman – Carlos Vasconcelos (Porto, Portugal)

Targeting T cells in RA with Abatacept: the rational for Costimulation Blockade

Luís Graça (Lisbon, Portugal)

Treating RA patients with Abatacept: sharing real-life experience

Álvaro Gracia (Madrid, Spain)

Real-life, Real Patients: Portuguese Experience

Joana Vedes (Guarda, Portugal) and António Marinho (Porto, Portugal)

16h10 Lecture *Sponsored by Boeringher-Ingelheim*
Chairman – Manuel Campos (Porto, Portugal)

Advances in anticoagulation

Jorge Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

16h40 Coffee-break

17h10 Face to face
Chairs – Maria José Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal) and Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal)

Laboratory diagnostics in ANCA associated vasculitis

Jan Damoiseaux (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Pathophysiology and therapy of ANCA associated vasculitis

Jan W. Cohen Tervaert (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

18h10 Case Report

A 63 years-old man with bilateral panuveitis

Chairman – Gerard Espinosa (Barcelona, Spain)
Case Report – Miguel Ángel Plasín (Barcelona, Spain)
Discussion – Luís Torrão (Porto, Portugal), Bernardo Sopeña (Vigo, Spain), António Marinho (Porto, Portugal)

18h55 What did we learn?
First afternoon pearls – Cláudia Costa (Porto, Portugal)

19h00 Closure

28th January, Friday

09h00 Lecture *Sponsored by Phadia*
Chairman – João Faro Viana (Lisbon, Portugal)

ANAs sensitivity and specificity in autoimmune diseases

Xavier Bossuyt (Leuven, Belgium)

09h30 Round table

Revisiting SLE

Chairman – Juan Jiménez-Alonso (Granada, Spain)

SLE and accelerated atherosclerosis

José Mario Sabio (Granada, Spain)

Lupic flares provoking factors

Nuria Navarrete (Granada, Spain)

News on lupic nephritis

Miguel Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal)

10h45 Coffee-break

11h15 Lecture
Chairman – Carlos Vasconcelos (Porto, Portugal)

What´s new in SLE?

Juán Jimenez-Alonso (Granada, Spain)

11h45 Case report

No pulse: a medical conundrum

Chairman – Carla Noronha (Lisbon, Portugal)
Case Report – Ana Carolina Araújo (Lisbon, Portugal)
Discussion – Anabela Morais (Vila Real, Portugal), Alexandrina Quintino (Lisbon, Portugal), Deolinda Portelinha (Coimbra, Portugal)

12h15 Lecture *Sponsored by MSD*
Chair – Iva Brito (Porto, Portugal)

A new step ahead in RA treatment – a new antibody

Juan D. Cañete (Barcelona, Spain)

12h45 EASI Portugal
Carlos Dias (Porto, Portugal)

13h00 What did we learn?
Second morning pearls – Marilda Santos (Porto, Portugal)

13h05 Lunch

14h30 Lecture
Chairman – Pier Luigi Meroni (Milan, Italy)

APS – mechanisms of thrombosis

Maria Cuadrado (London, UK)

15h00 Round Table

Advances in APS

Chair – Maria Cuadrado (London, UK)

Laboratorial and clinical criteria of the obstetrical antiphospholipid syndrome

Mariana Guimarães (Porto, Portugal)

Predictors of pregnancy outcome in antiphospholipid syndrome

Sara de Carolis (Rome, Italy)

New potential therapies for the treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome

David D´Cruz (London, UK)

16h10 Coffee-break

16h40 Face to face

Challenges in autoimmunity

Chairman – Jorge Fortuna (Coimbra, Portugal)

Autoimmune diseases triggered by biological agents

Manel Ramos-Casals (Barcelona, Spain)

Central nervous system involvement in primary Sjögren´s syndrome

Pilar Brito-Zerón (Barcelona, Spain)

17h25 Case Report

Young pregnant with severe thrombocytopenia

Chairman – Joaquim Andrade (Porto, Portugal)
Case report – Joana Rema (Porto, Portugal) and Daniela Freitas (Porto, Portugal)
Discussion – Joaquim Rodrigues (Barreiro, Portugal), Joana Vedes (Guarda, Portugal), António Chamorro (Verin, Spain)

17h55 Face to face

Autoimmunity and liver

Chairman – José Delgado Alves (Lisbon, Portugal)

Hepatic involvement in systemic diseases

Bruno Grima (Lisbon, Portugal

Hepatic disease as therapeutic limitation

Susana Oliveira (Lisbon, Portugal)

18h40 Lecture *Sponsored by Associação Nacional de Deficiências Mentais e Raras*
Chair – Elisa Leão (Porto, Portugal)

Autoimmunity and rare diseases

Margarida Reis Lima (Porto, Portugal)

19h10 What did we learn?
Second afternoon pearls – Helena F. Silva (Porto, Portugal)

19h15 Closure

29th January, Saturday

09h00 Lecture
Chairman – Luís Campos (Lisbon, Portugal)

SLE and primary APS: two different clinical entities but with a close biological background

Pier Luigi Meroni (Milan, Italy)

09h30 Case report

Autoimmune complex clinical cases in the daily practice

Chairs – Nuno Riso (Lisbon, Portugal) and Roberto Perez-Alvarez (Vigo, Spain)

Case 1 – Multiple autoimmune disease in one patient

Cándido Díaz-Lagares (Barcelona, Spain)

Case 2 – Guillain-Barré syndrome in a patient with SLE and Sjögren´s syndrome

Marta Pérez-de-Lis (Vigo, Spain)

Case 3 – Managing severe Raynaud phenomenon

Manel Ramos-Casals (Barcelona, Spain)

Discussion – Alexandra Bernardo (Porto, Portugal), Gabriela Vinhas Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal), Glória Alves (Guimarães, Portugal)

10h15 Lecture
Chairman – Carlos Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

The rational request and interpretation of immunologic tests

Ana Paula Cruz (V. N. Gaia, Portugal)

10h45 Lecture
Chair – Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)

The depressed lymphocyte…

José Delgado Alves (Lisbon, Portugal)

11h15 Coffee-break

11h45 Round table *Sponsored by Roche*

Rituximab experience in autoimmune diseases

Chairman – David D´Cruz (London, UK)


David D´Cruz (London, UK)


Maria Leandro (London, UK)

In Sjogren´s syndrome

Simon Bowman (Birmingham, UK)

13h00 Closure lecture
Chairman – Júlio Sanchez-Roman (Sevilla, Spain)

Autoimmunity and Infection: A two-way relationship

Ricard Cervera (Barcelona, Spain)

13h30 What did we learn?
Chairman – Manuel Pizarro (Porto, Portugal)
Meeting Pearls – Alberto Rivera Gallego (Vigo, Spain)

13h40 – Final lunch

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