12th Medinterna International Meeting

Cutting Edge Autoimmunity

27th February– 01st March 2014
Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Porto


26th February

Pre-Meeting Course (program soon):
3rd Course of Interstitial Lung Disease/Coordinator: António Morais (Porto, Portugal)

27th February, Thursday

08h15 – Secretariat desk opening

09h00 – Lecture

Chair – Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)

Conflicting laboratory results in Autoimmunity, why?

João Faro Viana (Lisbon, Portugal)

09h30 – Lecture

Chairman – António Morais (Porto, Portugal)

Pulmonary involvement in Sarcoidosis

Athol Wells (London, Uk)

10h00 – Opening Ceremony

Chairman – António Lobo Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)

10h45 – Lecture

Chairman – Paulo Bettencourt (Porto, Portugal)

Vitamin D – the new antibiotic and immunomodulator agent in autoimmune diseases

Yehuda Shoenfeld (Tel Aviv, Israel)

11h15 – coffee-break

11h45 – Face-to-face

Chairs – Maria José Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal) and Teresa Faria (Funchal, Portugal)

A Salsa of Sjogren’s Syndrome

Jan Damoiseaux (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

12h30 – Lecture

Chairman – Jorge Martins (Funchal, Portugal)

Biologics in Sjogren´s Syndrome

Cees Kallenberg (Groningen, The Netherlands)

13h00 – lunch

14h30 – Round table

Chairman – João Eurico Fonseca (Lisbon, Portugal)

Nanoinflammation: bridges between Bone and Vessel

Bruno Vidal (Lisbon, Portugal)

Diana Fernandes (Lisbon, Portugal)

15h30 – Lecture

Chair – Mariana Guimarães (Porto, Portugal)

Management of Pregnancy in patients with Rheumatic diseases

Monika Ostensen (Kristiansand, Norway)

16h00 – Lecture sponsored by Glaxo-Smith-Kline

Chairman – Joaquim Andrade (Porto, Portugal)

Thrombocitopenic Idiopathic Purpura

José Luís Ducla-Soares (Lisbon, Portugal)

16h30 – coffee-break

17h00 – Lecture

Chair – Francisca Fontes (Lisbon, Portugal)

ASIA syndrome — 2014

Carlo Perricone (Rome, Italy)

17h30 – Lecture sponsored by Roche

Chairman – Jorge Fortuna (Coimbra, Portugal)

Each patient is one patient: a renewed look on RoACTEMRA

Pedro Vita (Porto, Portugal)

18h00 - Case report 1

Chair – Mónica Bogas (Ponte de Lima, Portugal)

Dorsalgy in a diabetic patient

Case Report — Ana Eduarda Raposo (Ponte de Lima, Portugal)

Discussion – Miguel Bernardes (Porto, Portugal), Maria José Serra (Lisbon, Portugal) and Borges Alexandrino (Coimbra, Portugal)

18h45 – closure

28th February, Friday

08h30 – Secretariat desk opening

08h45 – What did we learn yesterday?

Maria João Oliveira (Lisbon, Portugal)

09h00 – Lecture

Chair – Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal)

Muscle involvement in Systemic Sclerosis

Luc Mouthon (Paris, France)

09h30 – Lecture sponsored by Octapharma

Chair – Edite Pereira (Porto, Portugal)

Primary Immunodeficiencies

Bodo Grimbacher (London, Uk)

10h00 - Round table sponsored by Actelion

Activity markers in Systemic Sclerosis

Chairman Julio Sánchez-Román (Sevilla, Spain)

General evaluation of the activity markers

Ignacio Martin Suárez (Huelva, Spain)

Specific evaluation of activity in Cutaneous and Articular involvement

Isabel Almeida (Porto, Portugal)

Specific evaluation of activity in Cardio-pulmonary involvement

María Jesús Castillo Palma (Sevilla, Spain)

11h15 – coffee-break

11h45 – Lecture sponsored by AstraZéneca

Chairman – José Júlio Alves Moura (Coimbra, Portugal)

Cardiovascular Risk in Autoimmune diseases

Carlos Aguiar (Lisbon, Portugal)

12h15 – Lecture sponsored by Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD

Chairman – António Sarmento (Porto, Portugal)

Infection and Vaccination by Zoster Virus in Elderly and Autoimmune Diseases

Cândida Abreu (Porto, Portugal)

12h45 - Case report 2

Chairman – Bernardo Sopeña (Vigo, Spain)

40-years-old patient with Raynaud and tachycardia

Case report – Mayka Freire (Vigo, Spain)

Discussion – Claúdia Martins (Viseu, Portugal), Fernando Salvador (Vila Real, Portugal) and Anabela Morais (Vila Real, Portugal)

13h30 – lunch

14h30 – Lecture sponsored by Bayer

Chair – Isabel Almeida (Porto, Portugal)

Digital ulcers: prediction, prevention and treatment in Systemic Sclerosis

Ivone Silva (Porto, Portugal)

15h00 – Lecture sponsored by Bayer

Chair – Lúcia Costa (Porto, Portugal)

Pulmonary Hypertension in systemic sclerosis: is it possible to DETECT patients in NYHA class I or II?

Rui Baptista (Coimbra, Portugal)

15h30 – Lecture

Chairman – João Frazão (Porto, Portugal)

The role of nucleosomes in initiating glomerular lesions in SLE

Jo Berden (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

16h00 – Lecture

Chairman – Nuno Riso (Lisbon, Portugal)

Mechanisms of Thrombosis in APS. What news?

Anisur Rahman (London, Uk)

16h30 – coffee-break

17h00 – Lecture sponsored by Glaxo-Smith-Kline

Chairman – Carlos Vasconcelos (Porto, Portugal)

Therapeutic targets in SLE: where do we stand?

George Bertsias (Crete, Greece)

17h30 – Lecture

Chairman – Guilherme Macedo (Porto, Portugal)

Genetics in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in the GWAS era

Pietro Invernizzi (Milan, Italy)

18h00 – Case report 3

Chair – Gabriela Sousa Vinhas (Lisbon, Portugal)

Severe and Refractory Thrombocytopenia ina a patient with SLE

Case Report — Ligia Peixoto / João Espírito Santo (Lisbon, Portugal)

Discussion – Joana Vedes (Guarda, Portugal), Deolinda Portelinha (Coimbra, Portugal) and Ana Carolina Araújo (Lisbon, Portugal)

18h45 – closure

01st March, Saturday

08h15 – Secretariat desk opening

08h45 – What did we learn yesterday?

Tiago Borges (Porto, Portugal)

09h00 – Lecture sponsored by Octapharma

Chairman – Paula Marques (Porto, Portugal)

A review on IVIG in Autoimmune Diseases

Srini Kaveri (Paris, France)

09h30 – Lecture

Chairman – Luís Campos (Lisbon, Portugal)

Sex and Autoimmune Diseases

Carlo Selmi (Milan, Italy)

10h00 – Case Report 4

Chairman – Jorge Fortuna (Coimbra, Portugal)

Weight loss in a patient with BOOP and erythematous nodules

Case report – Ricardo José da Cunha Marques (Coimbra, Portugal)

Discussion – Marina Bastos (Viseu, Portugal), Bruno Grima (Amadora, Portugal) and Carla Noronha (Lisbon, Portugal)

10h45 – coffee-break

11h15 – Lecture

Chairman – Ricard Cervera (Barcelona, Spain)

APS and Pregnancy

Jaume Alijotas Reig (Barcelona, Spain)

11h45 – Round table

Uveitis – state of art

President – Jorge Crespo (Coimbra, Portugal)

Chairs – Rui Proença (Coimbra, Portugal) and Jorge Palmares (Porto, Portugal)

Uveitis management: what to Search Behind?

Gerard Espinosa (Barcelona, Spain)

Refractory Uveitis: the role of Biological treatments

Rui Proença (Coimbra, Portugal)

Posterior Uveitis

Luís Torrão and Luís Figueira (Porto, Portugal)

13h00 – Closure lecture

Chairman – Manuel Pizarro (Porto, Portugal)

Update in the treatment of ANCA-associated Vasculitis

Loic Guillevin (Paris, France)

2nd Vasco da Gama Award For Explorations in Autoimmunity to Loic Guilevin

13h30 – Final lunch

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