Dear Colleague,

Medinterna Association, from Internal Medicine Service of Centro Hospitalar São João, is organizing the 13th International Meeting on Autoimmune Diseases, from 12th to 14th February 2015, at Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Porto.

The main goal of these meetings is to update the knowledge in the autoimmune diseases field and to create funds to promote and support post-graduate studies in Internal Medicine, mainly for residents.

Autoimmune diseases are a challenge to physicians diagnosis skills and therapeutic strategies. Internal Medicine is recognized as one of the most vocated speciality for the approach of the multisystemic and multidisciplinary involvement of these diseases, which many times force to immediate and difficult decisions. It’s an area which development is in continuous progress, with new results and multiple clinical assays, originating therapeutical advances and controversial positions mainly on the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of SLE, APS, Behçet disease, ANCA-associated vasculitis, systemic sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseasec and in the ever controversial use of the biological therapeutics.

Scientific program counts on the participation of experts from France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

It will count on several clinical cases discussed by the audience and invited experts and also a summary of the most relevant facts of the previous day presented by an expert at the begining of each day.

We hope that the chosen subjects may interest to everyone and that they bring something useful and new for the clinical practice. All the internists, rheumatologists, clinical pathologists and immunologists, specially residents, are welcome to participate in all the sessions.

We thank the pharmaceutical industry that, with her support, helps and contributes to the success of these scientific events.

We count on everyone’s presence. See you soon.

Carlos Dias