13th Medinterna International Meeting

“New Avenues in Autoimmunity”

12th – 14th February 2015

Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Porto


12th February, Thursday

08h15 – Secretariat desk opening

Autoimmunity morning

09h00 – Lecture on Lab teach us

Chair – Isabel Abreu (Lisbon, Portugal)

The predictive power of serum autoantibodies: a guide for the clinician

João Faro Viana (Lisbon, Portugal)

09h30 – Lecture on immunogenicity

Chairman – Jorge Martins (Funchal, Portugal)

Immunogenicity and biologic therapy

José Delgado Alves (Amadora, Portugal)

10h00 – Opening Ceremony

Chairman – António Lobo Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)

Hommage to Jorge Martins (Funchal, Madeira)

10h45 Autoimmunology lecture

Chairman – Paulo Bettencourt (Porto, Portugal)

Autoimmunity and the hygiene theory; from the helminthes to novel immunomodulating drugs

Yehuda Shoenfeld (Tel Aviv, Israel)

11h15 – coffee-break

11h45Dutch Autoimmune Dance

Chairs – João Pedro Ramos (Porto, Portugal) and Manuel Pestana (Porto, Portugal)

Rumba of Autoimmune Renal Diseases

Jan Damoiseaux and Jan Willen Cohen Tervaert (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

12h30News in Lupus

Chairs – Carlos Vasconcelos (Porto, Portugal) and Maria João Salvador (Coimbra, Portugal)

Clinical Assessment of SLE – what’s new?

David Isenberg (London, Uk)

The management of SLE flares

David D´Cruz (London, Uk)

13h20 – lunch

Arthritis afternoon

14h30Session on Rheumatic diiseases

Rheumatic Diseases – State of Art

Chairs – Jorge Fortuna (Coimbra, Portugal) and Lúcia Costa (Porto, Portugal)

Bone Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis: mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment

Georg Schett (Erlangen, Germany)

Psoriatic disease – State of art

Carlo Selmi (Milan, Italy)

15h30Unplanned pregnancy

Chair – Fátima Serrano (Lisbon, Portugal)

Management of the unplanned pregnancy in the patient with systemic rheumatic disease.

Ian Giles (London, Uk)

16h00 – coffee-break

16h30Investigation new developments

Understanding the link between blood vessels and bone

Chair – Maria José Santos (Almada, Portugal)

The inflammatory and bone remodeling pathways

Diana Carmona-Fernandes (Lisbon, Portugal)


Sofia Barreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Rheumatoid arthritis — a model of accelerated atherosclerosis

Alice Castro (Lisbon, Portugal)

17h30Lecture on a disease

Chairman – Jorge Crespo (Coimbra, Portugal)

Behçet’s Disease — What’s new from ethiopathogeny to therapy

Ahmet Güll (Istambul, Turkey)

18h15 — Case report 1

Chair – Paula Vaz Marques (Porto, Portugal)

Young woman with tip of nose necrosis

Case report – Carolina Ourique (Porto, Portugal)

Discussion – Bruno Grima (Amadora, Portugal), Claúdia Martins (Viseu, Portugal), Graziela Carvalheiras (Porto, Portugal)

19h00 – closure

13th February, Friday

08h30 – Secretariat desk opening

08h45What did we learn yesterday?

Systemic Sclerosis morning

09h00A piece of vasculitis

Chairman – António Marinho (Porto, Portugal)

Systemic Vasculitis and infections: a causal relationship?

Cees Kallenberg (Groningen, The Netherlands)

09h30Specialty of the year

Neuroimmunology – new avenues in diagnosis and treatment in nervous system involvement

Chairs – Carolina Garrett (Porto, Portugal) and Nuno Riso (Lisbon, Portugal)

Primary involvement in autoimmune diseases

Pedro Abreu (Porto, Portugal)

Secondary autoimmune involvement in autoimmune diseases

Joana Guimarães (Porto, Portugal)

Central nervous system dysfunction in autoimmune diseases: a practical approach

Filipe Palavra (Coimbra, Portugal)

10h45 – coffee-break

11h15News in Pulmonary Hypertension sponsored by Actelion

Chairs – Lèlita Santos (Coimbra, Portugal) and Isabel Almeida (Porto, Portugal)

Challenges of management of CTD associated Pulmonary Hypertension

Christopher Denton (London, Uk)

Pulmonary hypertension in scleroderma and SLE

Gerry Coghlan (London, Uk)

12h00 – Case report 2

Chairman – António Panarra (Lisbon, Portugal)

Recurrent Urosepsis in a man with short stature

Case report – Filipa Lourenço (Lisbon, Portugal)

Discussion – Susana Oliveira (Amadora, Portugal), Joana Vedes (Guarda, Portugal), Paula Ferreira (Porto, Portugal)

12h45 – lunch

SLE and APS afternoon

14h30 – Lecture

15h00Session on pregnancy

APS and pregnancy. How to manage?

Chairs – Monika Ostensen (Kristiansand, Norway) and Jaume Alijotas Reig (Barcelona, Spain)

Laboratory Profiles – How to value?

Maria José Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal)

Risk factors of obstetric APS

Angela Tincani (Brescia, Italy)

European registry

Jaume Alijotas Reig (Barcelona, Spain)

16h15 – coffee-break

16h45SLE and genetics

Chairman – Francisca Fontes (Lisbon, Portugal)

Walking through the genetic of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Carlo Perricone (Rome, Italy)

17h15 – Immunology

Chairman – Carlos Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

IVIG and the impact on the immune system

Srini Kaveri (Paris, France)

17h45 – Case report 3

Chairman – Gerard Espinosa (Barcelona, Spain)

Fever and tonsilitis in a patient with Lupus

Case report – Pamela Doti (Barcelona, Spain)

Discussion – Anabela Morais (Vila Real, Portugal), João Matos Costa (Santarém, Portugal), Bernardo Sopeña (Santiago, Spain)

18h30 – closure