Case Reports

Case report — May 2010
by Joana Rema, Nuno Correia
and Carlos Dias

Young woman 28-year-old, without previous diseases and no medication.

She presented with skin lesions located on the anterior surface of both legs with 2 years of evolution, without any symptoms associated. She brought blood tests from outward without any alterations, mainly immunological study complete negative.

The skin lesions are suggestive of:

1 — Cutaneous vasculitis

2 — Erythrodermic psoriasis

3 — Henoch-Schonlein purpura

4 — Erythema nodosum

5 — Palpable purpura

Probable etiology of the injuries:

1 — Infective disease (tuberculosis or syphilis)

2 — Connective tissue disease

3 — Injuries paraneoplastic

4 — Autoimmune disease

5 — Sarcoidosis

What attitude you would adopt to this patient:

1 — Repetition of blood and imaging tests

2 — Skin Biopsy

3 — Establishment of medication empirical with prednisolone

4 — Wait and see

5 — Medication empirical with NSAID and antibiotics

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